Kind of the opposite of yesterday's post. I haven't slept at all. I've laid in bed, tossed, turned, got up, read a book, tried to sleep on a couch... but my brain is convinced that now is the time to do neat stuff. But I can't just...not be a person tomorrow. That's not how life works.

(P.S. I'm writing this in the predawn hours on Friday, so “Friday” is still “tomorrow” as I write this. Even though I will post this on Saturday. Don't get hung up on the dates, just know that I'm talking about being insomniac before a work day.)

The thing is, my mind feels fine and active right now. I feel like I'm alert, aware, and fully on top of things, even though I'm clearly making more typos than usual, even for me.

And my perfectly active and functional brain knows that if I don't go to sleep I will be a mindless blob tomorrow, which is less than ideal when your entire job revolves around communicating clearly. So I can brightly and actively watch a bad day come at me, slowly, but with great weight, like a train car on a gentle slope, brakes off, engine off. The weight is passive but the impact is inevitable.

That probably isn't a great metaphor. I honestly can't tell right now.

Time to see if I can get some sleep.

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