Dream Watch

My brain has a terrible feature: when it's decided I've slept long enough it starts poisoning my dreams. I generally can't sleep more than seven hours at a stretch because of this. Once I hit about 7.5 hours I start getting crazy stressful dreams until I wake up panting and go do something else.

Last night my dream was that I was trying to help a friend of mine. It wasn't any of my real friends, just a person that my dream had labeled “friend.” She was living with her parents and siblings even though she was a successful executive at her company.

The “help” I had been asked to give was vaguely defined, but I had to stand in for some work related ceremony, like a notary public. I had a specific role to play to make something a legitimate transaction. Part of it was to say this friend's name exactly. So she wrote her name down for me.

Hey have you ever tried reading a name in a dream? I've read somewhere that you can't read in dreams, because several parts of the reading mechanism in your brain are asleep when you're asleep, so reading doesn't work. It certainly doesn't work for me, so reading this person's eight-word name was impossible, especially when some of the words started to turn into things, like “impressively wrought copper snake wrapped around a hex bolt”. Not sure what syllables that was meant to represent.

Somehow I made it through the reading part and then got on to all the official words I was supposed to say. Only I realized halfway through that I was supposed to be recording all of this, and I wasn't. And I had said the wrong price for one of the items in the contract. And I had said someone's name wrong. Again. And this was all going to be a legal mess because of me...

And I woke up, stressed, breathing hard. My friend wasn't mad at me for ruining her business deal, she doesn't exist. Her family doesn't hate me, they aren't real. It was all just a dream, it was just a dream.

I'm still stressed.

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