Why I Still Love Computers

I've made no secret that I'm getting a (GASP) business degree and therefore leaving my life as a full-time developer behind. My manager asked me “what are your long-term plans?” and my response was “well, I'm not getting an MBA to keep being a developer.”

But as much as I want to move into a role where I can lead developers, I still love the joy of technology, the thrill of learning new things and making these machines do what I want them to do.

For example:

Command Line Awesomeness

So much fun stuff is going on there — a customized status bar with emoji-enabled weather report in the bottom of the tmux window. Ranger and iTerm2 are working together to give me a full-color image preview in a terminal. Things like this highlight the joy of computers: With some time, patience, and a lot of third-party apps, you can make these things do what you want.

#tmux #ranger #cli #commandLine #iTerm2