Tiny Little Notes

I've been deeply busy with my day job lately, which is a good thing! I've been promoted!

But it means that I have almost no time to write creatively or freely. I'm spending all my time writing procedures and policies and helping others work more effectively. Again, it's a good thing, but a new thing.

So I'm going to content myself with writing smaller creative things, like, well, this.


I love technology (cue Napoleon Dynamite gifs), but of all the technologies that I love, and they are many, the one I go back to the most is the one that started it all.

Paper and ink.

Writing is a transformative art, I love the feel of doodling, I love writing out notes in a weird, free-form way, I love reading through old scribbles and recapturing a little bit of what I was feeling when I wrote that.

And I also still love bookstores. Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is subsiding in my part of the world I've been to a bookstore once or twice, and the magic is still there. I rarely buy anything, but the act of discovery is so much stronger when you can browse, bounce casually from section to section, see what catches your eye and pulls you in for a minute or an hour.

Soon, of course, I'll go back to doing this at my public library, which has much of the same magic, but slightly stricter COVID rules right now.

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