Nate Dickson Thinks...


I never played any table top RPGs in high school. At the time they were seen as a male-only nerd activity and frankly I was involved in far too many of those already.

Over the years I've played a little bit of GURPS and a little Pathfinder, here and there with various groups,but I didn't start playing D&D until this year.

Decades after graduating high school, my kids introduced me to the hobby. When I mentioned that I might like to try my hand at being a DM I was astonished at how many of my friends were apparently just waiting for a chance to be players in a D&D campaign.

So now I'm a part of three D&D campaigns. I'm DM in two of them and a player (for now) in the third. And things have changed for the better in the world of D&D.