Song of the Day: Fred Meyers by Glen Philips

Glen Philips is often listed as the “front man” for California rock band Toad the Wet Sprocket. and, sure, he can be the front man.

Anyway when Toad was broken up for a while, Glen kept making music, because he's one of those people, the ones that have to keep creating art no matter what else happens. I remember hearing this song when I was driving past a Fred Meyers, and loving that Glen was still active even if Toad wasn't.

For those of you who don't live in the western half of the United States, Fred Meyers was originally a grocery store chain, not much different from any other. But they were one of the first to embrace the giant megastore idea, and went from being a grocery store to a Wal-Mart style monstrosity before Wal-Mart invaded the west. I remember my best friend at the time coming back from the grand opening of the Fred Meyers in our area, telling me in awe that the store was so big they actually gave you a map to find your way around.

In my neck of the woods they are now called “Smith's Marketplace” because they were bought out by the Smith's chain at some point. So this is a snapshot of a very specific point in time, circa 1999, when this idea was fresh and funny.

I finally found the track again, so here are a few links:

and a Spotify embed:

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