Reading Late

Last night I stayed up late reading. As in 2AM late. Am I paying for it today? Yes. But I loved it.

I've always been a reader. I've always loved it, always enjoyed the feeling of immersion. And I love my e-reader.

Don't get me wrong, I have hundreds of books. I would never get rid of them, and I love them.

But reading is so much better on an e-ink screen that weighs almost nothing, so I can hold it up over my head, read in any lighting conditions because the screen adjusts to the light without me finding a lamp to position over my shoulder... not the point.

The point is that it was nice to fall back into text, to get wrapped up and immersed in a story, to forget all my responsibilities and cares for a few hours in the dark and just read.

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#100DaysToOffload 73/100

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