Randomized Anxiety

Many years ago I found a metaphor that explains how our minds process stress. When we are stressed by one thing the stress is like a massive electric charge. The stress then starts to “ground” itself in other things, like a lightning bolt. So suddenly you feel like you're stressed about any number of things, things that really aren't that important. When you're going through this situation you're suddenly surrounded by mountains where you used to be in a field of molehills.

So I'm trying to be aware of what I'm actually worried about vs what I think I'm stressed about. It's not easy. I'm trying to ignore rampant hypochondria, social problems that aren't real problems, the works.

I was going to list some of the actual grounding points for my stress lately, but instead I'm trying to deny oxygen to that particular fire. Those particular fires. There's a lot of them.

We'll get through this.

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