Morning Music Selections

Listening to Plexamp this morning, as per usual. On random, which is slightly less common, but I just want to discover a few gems from my library. Surprise me, Plex.

It just brought up one of my favorite little board game soundtrack songs: Twist Your Mind.

Seriously, I love this song. It's as retro as it should be while still being interesting. It doesn't lean too far into the “hahaha look how 80's I am” vibe, so it stands on its own feet. The lyrics are nostalgic, slightly funny, and just all-around great.

Give it a listen. Here's a Spotify player:

Or if you like Tidal better:

I'm Going to Graceland

It's a rainy day here, and a nice day for nostalgia. My Plexamp random playlist seems somehow to know that, so it also chose some Paul Simon for me:

Also yes, I'm fully aware that attributing sentience and beneficence to my music player is pareidolia at its worst. Or at least most whimsical. But I can handle a little whimsy today.

Anyway, here's Graceland, the song Paul Simon wrote about his short love affair with/marriage to Carrie Fisher.



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