Just a Small, Moderately Funny RimWorld Moment

RimWorld , for those who don't know isn't a game, according to the creator. It's a “Story Generator”. And it's quite good at that! But yes, you play it like a game. You are managing a little colony who is trying to survive on a moderately merciless world, and there is a “storyteller” AI who decides what to throw against you.

So anyway, I have a new-ish colony that I set down in the middle of a mountanous area, with lots of caves nearby. I knew that the caves were infested with giant insects, but I don't have the firepower to clear them out. Well, I leave them alone, they leave me alone, so far so good. I'm building up my base and I get a notice that a neighboring tribe is sending a raiding party to attack my base. This is fairly normal, and I start preparing my defenses. A few minutes later I get a notice that the raiding party is retreating. Which was kinda confusing.

So I look around the map and I find that, on their way to my base, the raiders wandered into the middle of a bug nest and got eaten. Looks like they lost four people before they got out. So now I like those bugs! I mean, until I decide I need to expand into their cave, of course.

Oh, they've also eaten a party of traders. Hey, you win some, you lose some.

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