I'm Bad at Chess, but I like Chess

I've never been good at chess. There are a few reasons for that, of course. One is that I don't play very often. And perhaps I just don't have the right kind of brain for chess to come to me naturally.

But I really do enjoy chess. In theory.

In reality I kinda hate playing chess because everyone on earth seems to be better than me, and my ego can't really take that.

I just won this game against a chess robot. If I ask them to be bad enough at the game even I can win!

But I'm still playing, and I've found that Chess dot com is a good way to play without the stress of playing other people. I like to play against robots. They're also better than me, but at least my ego is less bruised when they beat me.

I enjoy studying my games afterwards, learning more and thinking about the overall strategy.

So anyway, here's to chess robots! I used to love Chessmaster back in the day when it existed and was modern enough. I know it wasn't a great game, if you're an actual chess player type person. But it was pretty and had good tutorials in it. Chess.com also has plenty of tutorials.

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