Gallifreyan in the Real World

My family and I went to the lovely Loveland Living Planet Aquarium last night, in masks, counted, and social distanced, so we could get out of the house even in these times. The aquarium is adding a new exhibit, called the EECO that is built under a giant claw-shaped thing that they got from U2's 360° tour. It makes for a striking view from the freeway, and they've put it on a nice plot of land that used to just be ugly dirt near the freeway.

Not the point.

the point is that the moment I walked into the new outdoor area I looked down and said “that's gallifreyan.”

Next to otter tracks.

They had a number of little things like this throughout the park area:

My wife was like “no way! They can't have put Doctor Who stuff in the aquarium!” so I showed her this:


And she agreed that the resemblance is striking.

And I don't know if those are “official” translations but who cares? I like that some Whovian got involved in the design of our aquarium's new exploration space and snuck a little Easter egg in there for the rest of us.

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