Dinosaur Jr

The band Dinosaur Jr was active and well known during the years when I was in high school; more than that, they are right up my alley, musically. I've heard the name of the band more than once, but I never really knew anything about them. They've just been there.

Today my friend sent me a link to a video of Dinosaur Jr in session. His point wasn't “hey you should check out this band,” he figured I already knew about them. But it was a revelation, and exposed an odd blind spot in my musical knowledge.

We started talking about that: (transcript revised to make the point I'm trying to make. Not that you'd know that if I didn't tell you.)

Nate: Dinosaur jr is one of those bands I've always meant to look into but haven't yet.

I'm digging this so far, though.

M: yeah I like dinosaur jr a lot

Nate: Why was I not into this band in high school? They were right up my alley!

M: Yeah I don’t know why I never heard of them until like, 2010. REALLY seems like I should have known about them way earlier

Nate: I guess part of it is that in the 90's getting into a band meant either buying their stuff with actual money, or copying other people's music to tape, which took forever. That's part of why I never got into Beck until like, 2014. I looked at the sheepdog jumping a hurdle, thought, “huh” and that was 100% of my impression of Beck at the time.

M: Odelay, that's not even a word!

Nate: hahahaha

M: yeah that’s extremely true. If it didn’t show up on your local radio station during the like, 15 minutes a day that you listened to it, you wouldn’t know it existed.

Not sure if there's much a point here, except “Dinosaur Jr is very excellent” and “we live in an awesome time to be into music” because you can just find anything you like, or anything you might like, without cassette tape piracy or spending money on a CD that you may or may not actually like once you get it home.

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