Chia Seeds

So, no more sugar, far fewer carbs for me, at least for a while, until I can get my relationship with food under control. Which isn't fun. But there's not a good reason to keep looking back, that's just a good way to be discontent.

So it's time to start looking for new better things. Things I can eat and like.

And I've discovered Chia seeds. Yeah, the thing you spread on chia pets to make them green and fuzzy. But you can also put them in coconut milk and zero-calorie sweetener and make a surprisingly tasty pudding type thing that has a ton of fiber.

And once you know that other people have walked this road, that there are people who have had these thoughts, had these struggles, the struggles are easier. We are a social species, and I'm glad to start learning from the rest of our pack.

Chia seeds are just a start, of course. They were my first realization that just because I need to stop eating the way I used to doesn't mean that I have to stop eating. There are many many good recipes out there that are very type II diabetic friendly.

So. Here's to chia. I wonder what I'll find next!

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