“Best Possible Sound”

I've written about Plexamp before, because I love it. It's a great app that has a fair amount of personality and also sounds excellent.

Recently they added a new feature:

Oh yes! Now I can see exactly how much I like each album on my Plex server, based on how much extra storage I'm wasting compared to .mp3 files.

For reference it looks like this:

My dogs, by the way, are unimpressed by high-sample-rate FLAC encoding. And if I'm being completely honest I have to admit that I really can't hear the difference either.

While working through some of my old CDs, converting them to FLAC files to store on Plex I found this little informative page in the back of a CD booklet:

And it made me happy. Audiophiles have always had the same problem. We They always want to be sure that we'rethey're getting the best possible sound, according to whatever imaginary “this improves how things sound” standard is in vogue at the time.

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